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Hand Painted Illustrations by Fabiola De Ford

Luxury is not defined by price, but by something you can't buy, but by the meaning, symbolism quality of the materials, that make it an extraordinary piece.

Combine it with authentic design, and that's what we do.

Fabiola De Ford

Visual artist, fashion and textile designer, who innovates in numismatics. It all started with a Costa Rican gold coin, minted at the time of our independence, for the export of coffee to Europe. The figure on the coin captured my imagination and that is how the first collection of artworks exhibited at the Botica Solera Cultural Centre and the first designs of the "Matices de Oro" scarves were born.

Fabiola De Ford, Costa Rican, studied fashion design in England, winner of the Smirnoff Fashion Awards, Ethnic category, and visual arts in the United States and Costa Rica, founded her brand Fabiola De Ford.


Art & Design by Author

Art and textile design by Fabiola De Ford

Because I love art, culture and design, my work is full of colour, texture and stories that enhance people's style and spaces. Let me know if you need any help.

My inspiration

Looking around, capturing new patterns, textures, colours, objects, shapes and forms, linked to history, ethnicity, numismatics, ecosystems, culture, people and traditions generate my creative process to design unique scarves.

Corporative Luxury Gifts

Narrative designs inspired by the identity you love printed on scarves. Personalised gifts with a story to tell to appreciate your brand's best customers.

Contemporary design for those who have everything but the meaning narrated in each piece printed on a high quality product, is what makes an extraordinary luxury piece.

Exquisite pieces of wearable art

Suddenly, luxury is not defined by price, but by something you can't buy: meaning and symbolism, combined with beautiful art and design, printed in high quality materials, and that's what we do.